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 +====== Apache Configuration (Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin) ======
 +Apache configuration for Ubuntu are at /​etc/​apache2
 +===== httpd.conf =====
 +file is an empty file by default. ​ Update as, Where xxxxxx is the short unqualified host name such as abc01
 +ServerName xxxxxx
 +ExtendedStatus On
 +In Saucy and later use this as it does not seem to come with a default config
 +echo "​ServerName xxxxxx"​ >> /​etc/​apache2/​conf-available/​httpd.conf
 +echo "​ExtendedStatus On" >> /​etc/​apache2/​conf-available/​httpd.conf
 +ln -s /​etc/​apache2/​conf-available/​httpd.conf /​etc/​apache2/​conf-enabled/​
 +===== Enabling standard modules =====
 +Enable the following mods
 +a2enmod actions
 +a2enmod alias
 +a2enmod auth_basic
 +a2enmod authn_file
 +a2enmod authz_default
 +a2enmod authz_groupfile
 +a2enmod authz_host
 +a2enmod authz_svn
 +a2enmod authz_user
 +a2enmod autoindex
 +a2enmod cgi
 +a2enmod dav_fs
 +a2enmod dav
 +a2enmod dav_lock
 +a2enmod dav_svn
 +a2enmod deflate
 +a2enmod dir
 +a2enmod env
 +a2enmod headers
 +a2enmod info
 +a2enmod mime
 +a2enmod negotiation
 +a2enmod php5
 +a2enmod proxy_connect
 +a2enmod proxy_ftp
 +a2enmod proxy_http
 +a2enmod proxy
 +a2enmod reqtimeout
 +a2enmod rewrite
 +a2enmod setenvif
 +a2enmod ssl
 +a2enmod status
 +Restart apache using
 +service apache2 restart
 +===== default-ssl =====
 +At /​etc/​apache2/​sites-available/​default-ssl
 +Change ​
 + <​VirtualHost _default_:​443>​
 + <​VirtualHost *:443>
 +===== ports.conf (this may not be required anymore) =====
 +==== Change for 443 ====
 +Include line
 +**NameVirtualHost *:​443** ​
 +before ​
 +**Listen 443**
 +==== Change for 80 ====
 +Include line
 +**NameVirtualHost *:80**
 +before ​
 +**Listen 80**
 +===== Enable SSL Website =====
 +SSL website may be disabled by default
 +/​etc/​apache2/​sites-enabled # mv ../​sites-available/​default-ssl.conf ../​sites-available/​001-default-ssl.conf
 +/​etc/​apache2/​sites-enabled # ln -s ../​sites-available/​001-default-ssl.conf 001-default-ssl.conf
 +===== Web directory (optional) =====
 +Moving away from the default the designated web directory will be /www. 
 +Hence do a <​code>​mkdir /​www</​code>​

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