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 +====== Mounting Linux (Ubuntu) Shares in Windows (7) ======
 +Allowing a directory in Linux to be accessible in Windows. Let's assume the Linux box is called ulin1
 +===== Initial steps =====
 +  * First choose the Linux Directory to mount. In this case it is /xyvol/
 +  * Change the file permissions on this volume to be 770 and group to be root:<​your user id>
 +===== Config file changes =====
 +Typically the Samba config file is at: /​etc/​samba/​smb.conf\\
 +Add a section at the end as follows:
 +   ​comment = XY File share to Windows
 +   path = /xyvol
 +   ​writeable = Yes
 +Where mycow is the share
 +===== Connecting =====
 +Now in Windows just point file explorer to \\ulin1\mycow and enter your (linux non root user) user-id and password. ​ Now I don't remember if I had previously setup the samba password or not. If it does not work see if running smbpasswd helps
 +===== Other considerations =====
 +  * smbstatus - gives you status of your connections
 +  * On Windows, "net use * /d" will allow you to disconnect the connected samba share (ref: search for "​Windows disconnect from Samba share" in ubuntuforums)
 +  * Use the /​var/​log/​samba for log files that will point you to any issues with Samba connection

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