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 +====== Installing/​Configuring New Network Adapter ======
 +Linux (unlike Windows) has all of it's hardware adapters on the Kernel. ​ When new hardware is installed it should show up in the ''​lshw''​ command. ​ In this case if this is a new network card connected to PCI-E slot, it should show up under PCI-E.
 +Look for Logical Name of the New Network adapters. ​ If you desire to change it you can do that at: ''/​etc/​udev/​rules.d/​70-persistent-net.rules''​
 +Update /​etc/​network/​interfaces file for the new network adapter. ​ If you already had eth0 and now want to include eth1, then add that to the file.
 +Make sure you connect a LAN cable to the new network card and either reboot the system of do an ''​ifup eth1''​ as root.
 +Do an ''​ifconfig''​ to see the new network adapter show up with it's DHCP or designated Static IP address.

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