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 +====== pnp4nagios extracting graphs ======
 +Bash script to extract graphs for previous month
 +<code bash>
 +mkdir -p $OUTDIR
 +# 1st day of last month
 +stime=$(date -d "`date +%Y%m01` -1 month" +%s)
 +# 1st day of this month
 +etime=$(date -d "`date +%Y%m01`"​ +%s)
 +while read HN DB; do
 +  GURL="​http://​localhost/​pnp4nagios/​image?​host=${HN}&​srv=${DB}&​view=1&​start=${stime}&​end=${etime}"​
 +  PNGF="​$OUTDIR/​graph_${HN}_${DB}.png"​
 +  wget -O $PNGF -q --user=nagiosadmin --password=ENTERPASSWORD "​$GURL"​
 +done < $INPFILE
 +rm $GRZIP
 +zip -r -j -q $GRZIP $OUTDIR
 +echo ""​ | mutt -a $GRZIP -s monthtly_graphs -- someone@example.org
 +File: month_graphs.txt
 +server1 CPU
 +server1 Memory
 +server2 CPU
 +etc ...

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