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 +====== Setup Postfix to function as relay host ======
 +Setup Postfix to function as relay host with authentication
 +  * Create a password maps file
 +  * You can create multiple entries in the sasl_passwd file for multiple domains
 +echo "​mailserver.example.com username:​password"​ >> /​etc/​postfix/​sasl_passwd
 +chown root:root /​etc/​postfix/​sasl_passwd
 +chmod 600 /​etc/​postfix/​sasl_passwd
 +postmap /​etc/​postfix/​sasl_passwd
 +  * Update /​etc/​postfix/​main.cf
 +relayhost = mailserver.example.com
 +smtp_sasl_auth_enable = yes
 +smtp_sasl_password_maps = hash:/​etc/​postfix/​sasl_passwd
 +smtp_sasl_security_options =
 +  * Restart/​Reload postfix
 +===== Another Example =====
 +Typical configuration for an internal server (inside a LAN) that uses an SMTP server (also internal) to send mail.
 +Append this to main.cf
 +mydomain = mail.dev08.example.org
 +myhostname = mail.dev08.example.org
 +myorigin = $mydomain
 +append_dot_mydomain = no
 +relayhost = td006
 +smtp_host_lookup = native
 +Below is a configuration diff that was generated from a Ubuntu Trusty default Postfix install as "​satellite"​ server. The server name is ubv10 (as see in diff below). ​ Replace server name throughout the main.cf file.   The local server relay is "​localsmtp"​. ​ Change this as required. ​ Since this is a local server and the name does not feature in the DNS include the ''​smtp_host_lookup''​ option. ​ If you have a server name that resolves via DNS (as opposed to /​etc/​hosts),​ this is not required. ​ Of course make sure /etc/hosts has entry for localsmtp.
 +<code diff>
 +diff --git a/​postfix/​main.cf b/​postfix/​main.cf
 +index eb619b9..1539d7d 100644
 +--- a/​postfix/​main.cf
 ++++ b/​postfix/​main.cf
 +@@ -33,8 +33,12 @@ alias_maps = hash:/​etc/​aliases
 + ​alias_database = hash:/​etc/​aliases
 + ​myorigin = /​etc/​mailname
 + ​mydestination = ubv10.localdomain,​ ubv10, localhost.localdomain,​ localhost
 +-relayhost = smtp.localdomain
 ++relayhost = localsmtp
 ++smtp_host_lookup = native
 + ​mynetworks = [::​ffff:​]/​104 [::1]/128
 + ​mailbox_size_limit = 0
 + ​recipient_delimiter = +
 + ​inet_interfaces = loopback-only
 +Not exactly sure why, but sometimes it is required to include ''​disable_dns_lookups = yes''​ along with (or may instead of) ''​smtp_host_lookup = native''​ when using local (/​etc/​hosts) host resolution as opposed to DNS (MX record) resolution.
 +===== Generic mapping for outgoing SMTP mail =====
 +Since the from address will not appear as host.localdomain and be treated as junk mail, to rewrite relayed mail from address use ''​smtp_generic_maps''​. ​ Check the below reference.
 +Reference: http://​www.postfix.org/​ADDRESS_REWRITING_README.html#​generic
 +Append to main.cf:
 +# Address rewriting
 +smtp_generic_maps = hash:/​etc/​postfix/​generic
 +Once updated do hash and reload (as root):
 +<code bash>
 +postmap /​etc/​postfix/​generic
 +/​etc/​init.d/​postfix reload

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