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 +====== Squirrelmail Notes ======
 +===== Squirrelmail back-end login =====
 +The 1st invocation of Squirrelmail is slow for reasons I could not figure out.  Also I have a number of filters setup on Squirrelmail that I want it to execute periodically - this allows my other IMAP clients to already have the mail in the correct folders. ​ Setup this cronjob to take care of this.
 +<code bash>
 +NOW=$(date +"​%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S"​)
 +#curl -k -u"​$basicauth"​ -D /tmp/sqdata -c $cookief -m $timeoutsecs -d"​login_username=$squser&​secretkey=$sqpass&​js_autodetect_results=0&​just_logged_in=1"​ $URL/​src/​redirect.php
 +curl -k -u"​$basicauth"​ -c $cookief -m $timeoutsecs -d"​login_username=$squser&​secretkey=$sqpass&​js_autodetect_results=0&​just_logged_in=1"​ $URL/​src/​redirect.php
 +curl -k -u"​$basicauth"​ -b $cookief -m $timeoutsecs $URL/​src/​webmail.php
 +curl -k -u"​$basicauth"​ -b $cookief -m $timeoutsecs $URL/​src/​right_main.php
 +curl -k -u"​$basicauth"​ -b $cookief -m $timeoutsecs $URL/​src/​left_main.php
 +curl -k -u"​$basicauth"​ -b $cookief -m $timeoutsecs $URL/​src/​signout.php
 +rm $cookief
 +  * Remove Basic Auth if you don't have one enabled.
 +  * Remove HTTPS and/or -k option depending on your SSL setup
 +  * the -D of course is optional

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