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 +====== SSH Filesystem ======
 +SSH Filesystem is a tool you would wonder why no one ever told you about. ​ Instead of battling with Samba share or NFS, here is an easy solution that uses traditional SSH!
 +You do need to install sshfs, but that is only a few seconds.
 +===== How To? =====
 +This cannot be anymore simple!
 +mkdir /ra1
 +sshfs example.com:/​ /ra1
 +ls /ra1
 +In the above we create a mount point /ra1.  The / mountpoint of example.com is then mounted on /ra1 on the remote server. ​ That is all there is to this!  This example also assumes that the current user exists on the remote server. You can also specify the remote user.  If you decide to share keys then this will work password less.
 +==== Requirement ====
 +  * Current user must exist on the remote system, or specify the remote user
 +  * Current user should be part of group ''​fuse''​
 +==== Unmount ====
 +<code bash>
 +fusermount -u /ra1
 +==== Related ====
 +Other filesystems
 +  * ocfs2
 +  * glusterfs
 +  * gfs2
 +  * nfs
 +  * gpfs

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