Install Details


The DB2 Admin Server (DAS) runs on your computer to provide support required by the DB2 tools. User for DAS is below:


This is the “Local user” (Not domain user or local system account)

Using the same name for the remaining DB2 services

Configuring DB2 Instances

Instance NameService NamePort Number

The default instance DB2 stores application data

DB2 Tools Catalog

(Same instance) DB2(new) TOOLSDB(new) SYSTOOLS

Setup Notifications

Used Austin RR SMTP

Creating Local contact list on this computer

Contact List

Admin contact for this new instance:

Name:Someone Somewhere

Instance NameService NamePort Number

Creates a creates a HTTP service on above port

Operating System security for DB2 Objects

Enabling operating system security

No domain just group names

DB2 administrators groups, group name: DB2ADMNS

DB2 users groups, group name: DB2USERS

All details summarized

Product to install:                        DB2 Express-C - DB2COPY1
Installation type:                         Custom
DB2 copy name:                             DB2COPY1
Set as default DB2 copy:                   Yes
Set as default IBM database client interface copy:   Yes
Selected features:                      
    Base application development tools     
    Base client support                    
    Configuration Assistant                
    Control Center                         
    IBM Data Server Provider for .NET      
    First Steps                            
    JDBC Support                           
    DB2 LDAP support                       
    MDAC 2.8                               
    ODBC Support                           
    OLE DB Support                         
    Sample database source                 
    SQLJ Support                           
    DB2 Text Search                        
    DB2 WMI Provider                       
Target directory:                          C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB
Space required:                            740 MB
Installation specific driver details    
IBM Data Server Driver for ODBC and CLI name:   IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER - DB2COPY1
OLE DB Provider GUID:                      {EF95A49A-9C74-492C-A851-8271B66545E1}
New instances:                          
    Instance name:                         DB2
        Start instance on reboot:          Yes
        TCP/IP configuration:              
            Service name:                  db2c_DB2
            Port number:                   50000
        Instance user information:         
            User name:                     db2admin
        DB2 Text Search:                   
            HTTP service name:             db2j_DB2
            HTTP service port number:      55000
DB2 Administration server:              
    Instance user information:             
        User name:                         db2admin
    SMTP server:                           <should contain your ISPs SMTP server address>
DB2 tools catalog:                      
    Name:                                  TOOLSDB
    Schema:                                SYSTOOLS
    Instance:                              DB2
    Location:                              Local
Contact specification:                  
    New contacts:                          
        Name:                              Someone Somewhere
        Instance:                          DB2
        E-mail address:          
        E-mail address is for a pager:     No
Response file name:                        C:\Users\someone\Documents\PROD_EXPC.rsp

Post Install Steps

Required steps:

You have enabled DB2 extended Windows security. You must add DB2 users that need to run DB2 local applications or tools to either the DB2 administrators group or DB2 users group.

You can connect to the DB2 instance “DB2” using the port number “50000”. Record it for future reference.

Optional steps:

To validate your installation files, instance, and database functionality, run the Validation Tool, C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\bin\db2val.exe. For more information, see “db2val” in the DB2 Information Center.

You should ensure that you have the correct license entitlements for DB2 products and features installed on this machine. Each DB2 product or feature comes with a license certificate file (also referred to as a license key) that is distributed on an Activation CD, which also includes instructions for applying the license file. If you purchased a base DB2 product, as well as, separately priced features, you might need to install more than one license certificate. The Activation CD for your product or feature can be downloaded from Passport Advantage if it is not part of the physical media pack you received from IBM. For more information on licensing, search the Information Center ( using terms such as “licensing” or “db2licm”.

Verify that you have access to the DB2 Information Center based on the choices you made during this installation. If you performed a typical or a compact installation, verify that you can access the IBM Web site using the internet. If you performed a custom installation, verify that you can access the DB2 Information Center location specified during the installation.

Review the response file created at C:\Users\someone\Documents\PROD_EXPC.rsp. Additional information about response file installation is available in the DB2 documentation under “Response file installation of DB2 overview”.

Refer to “What's new” in the DB2 Information Center to learn about the new functions for DB2 V9.7.

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