Creating WordPress Websites

This is different from creating wordpress websites in general. Why? Because this is a single install with single database (a set of tables for each website) approach. This reduces the number of installs and locations and keeps maintenance simple across all wordpress websites. There is a different application for wordpress farm that does this - however I am making my own cup of tea here because I like it that way.


Main Folder

A sample folder where wordpress is installed:

Config file


Change Required

Open wp-config.php and go to the long list of case statements as below:

$table_prefix = 'unknown';
    case "":
         $table_prefix  = 'wp01_';
    case "":
         $table_prefix  = 'wp01_';
    case "":
         $table_prefix  = 'wp02_';

Assign a table prefix (in this case the pattern is wpnn_) and copy the three line block over

Change Settings

Since the default setting (for some reason) established the wordpress site as SSL site and also because you will need to setup permalinks make sure you log in as admin and setup permalinks, etc.

Under Settings –> Permalinks choose Custom Structure and enter


Google xml sitemap settings

Using the Google XML Sitemaps Plugin customize the location of the sitemap xml file as below. You may need to create the sitemaps directory in the root WordPress directory.

Custom Location:
/path/to/wordpress/sitemaps/<THE SITE NAME>.xml
http://<SITE URL>/sitemaps/<THE SITE NAME>.xml

So as an example, if your side is

Custom Location:

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