To page explains why the Solution by SQL solves the puzzle Color Coordination Puzzle

If you run the SQL here is what you will get:

blk_num color_position color_cd
2 0 Y
1 2 R
6 4 W
0 3 G
3 1 X
4 5 B
5 0 Y

What does this output mean?

The table CIRCLES has the following definition:

BLK_NUM is the Block Number or the Piece Number (corresponds to each cookie and ranges from 0 to 6) COLOR_POSITION ranges from 0 to 5 and is useful in determining the sequence of the dots on the cookie COLOR_CD is of course the color of the dot.

When we defined the table data each cookie was given a number from 0 to 6. This is the original number.

The result is the order in which you need to place the cookies (based on the original number). So you place cookie # 2, 1st and keep going clockwise, placing cookie #1 next and so on until you complete the circle. You place the last cookie (# 5) in the center.

The 2nd and 3rd values in the output help you rotate the placed cookies and align the dots. So rotate (or place cookie) # 1 so that Yellow is facing the center. Red dot faces center for cookie # 2 and so on.

Check out the picture below as well for the explanation of the solution above.

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