Creating a combo box with images

Here's how this project works:

  • The .dmb project is very simple: it only contains a toolbar, a toolbar item and the DynAPI template.
  • The colors have been adjusted so the menu items resemble the standard Windows 3.1/Windows 95 comboboxes: white, black and blue.
  • The rest is all DynAPI and a simple function to change the selection. Here's the source code:

Editable Combo Box

DHTML Combobox

Currently HTML forms are missing a “combobox”. This control, familiar to traditional GUI programmers, combines the “text box” and “drop down select list”. Users can either select a value from the list, or type in their own value. I spent a lot of time looking around the internet for a “combobox” that would do what I wanted it to do but could only find partial answers, eg. they would work great in IE but not in Mozilla browsers or the definition of a “combobox” wasn't quite the same as mine.

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