Installed CPAN on Ubuntu

Command: perl -MCPAN -e shell


/etc/perl/CPAN/ initialized.

CPAN is the world-wide archive of perl resources. It consists of about
100 sites that all replicate the same contents all around the globe.
Many countries have at least one CPAN site already. The resources
found on CPAN are easily accessible with the module. If you
want to use, you have to configure it properly.

If you do not want to enter a dialog now, you can answer 'no' to this
question and I'll try to autoconfigure. (Note: you can revisit this
dialog anytime later by typing 'o conf init' at the cpan prompt.)

Are you ready for manual configuration? [yes]
CPAN build and cache directory? [/home/senthil/.cpan] /var/spool/cpan
Cache size for build directory (in MB)? [10]
Perform cache scanning (atstart or never)? [atstart]
Cache metadata (yes/no)? [yes]
Your terminal expects ISO-8859-1 (yes/no)? [yes]
File to save your history? [/var/spool/cpan/histfile]
Number of lines to save? [100]
Policy on building prerequisites (follow, ask or ignore)? [ask] follow
Where is your gzip program? [/bin/gzip]
Where is your tar program? [/bin/tar]
Where is your unzip program? [/usr/bin/unzip]
Where is your make program? [/usr/bin/make]
Warning: lynx not found in PATH
(used another console to install lynx and entered location)
Where is your lynx program? [] /usr/bin/lynx
Where is your wget program? [/usr/bin/wget]
Warning: ncftpget not found in PATH
(used another console to install ncftp and entered location)
Where is your ncftpget program? [] /usr/bin/ncftpget
Where is your ftp program? [/usr/bin/ftp]
Where is your gpg program? [/usr/bin/gpg]
What is your favorite pager program? [/usr/bin/less]
What is your favorite shell? [/bin/bash]
Parameters for the 'perl Makefile.PL' command?
  Your choice:  [INSTALLDIRS=site]
Parameters for the 'make' command?
  Your choice:  [] -j3
Parameters for the 'make install' command?
  Your choice:  [-j3]
Timeout for inactivity during Makefile.PL? [0]
Your ftp_proxy?
Your http_proxy?
Your no_proxy?
Select your continent (or several nearby continents) [] 6
Select your country (or several nearby countries) [] 4

commit: wrote /etc/perl/CPAN/
edited file with:
  'make_arg' => q[],
  'make_install_arg' => q[],

Then went back to cpan using: “perl -MCPAN -e” and did “install Bundle::CPAN”

Reponse was long and painful!

The following questions all require a list of host names, separated
with spaces. If you do not have a host available for any of the
services, then enter a single space, followed by <CR>. To accept the
default, hit <CR>

Enter a list of available NNTP hosts : []
Enter a list of available SMTP hosts : []
Enter a list of available POP3 hosts : []
Enter a list of available SNPP hosts : []
Enter a list of available PH Hosts   : []
Enter a list of available TIME Hosts   : []
Enter a list of available DAYTIME Hosts   : []

Do you have a firewall/ftp proxy  between your machine and the internet

If you use a SOCKS firewall answer no

(y|n) ? [no]

Should all FTP connections be passive (y|n) ? [no] y

What is your local internet domain name : []

If you specified some default hosts above, it is possible for me to
do some basic tests when you run `make test'

This will cause `make test' to be quite a bit slower and, if your
internet connection is via dialup, will require you to be on-line
unless the hosts are local.

Do you want me to run these tests (y|n) ? [yes] n

Next did “perl -MCPAN -e shell” again and got

Sorry, we have to rerun the configuration dialog for due to
some missing parameters...

Normally keeps config variables in memory and changes need to
be saved in a separate 'o conf commit' command to make them permanent
between sessions. If you set the 'auto_commit' option to true, changes
to a config variable are always automatically committed to disk.

Always commit changes to config variables to disk? [no] yes

A Build.PL is run by perl in a separate process. Likewise we run
'./Build' and './Build install' in separate processes. If you have any
parameters you want to pass to the calls, please specify them here.

Typical frequently used settings:

    --install_base /home/xxx             # different installation directory

Parameters for the 'perl Build.PL' command? [] --install_base /usr/lib/perl/install_base

Parameters for the './Build' command? Setting might be:

    --extra_linker_flags -L/usr/foo/lib  # non-standard library location

Your choice: []

Do you want to use a different command for './Build install'? Sudo
users will probably prefer:

    su root -c ./Build
    sudo ./Build
    /path1/to/sudo -u admin_account ./Build

or some such. Your choice: [./Build]

Parameters for the './Build install' command? Typical frequently used

    --uninst 1                           # uninstall conflicting files

Your choice: []

Unknown config variable 'cpan_version_check'
commit: wrote '/etc/perl/CPAN/'

cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.9402)
Enter 'h' for help.

Then finally did “install Module::Install” inside CPAN and that completed

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