Step to move SVN from one repository to another

Existing repo (created via tortoisesvn) at C:\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_simcon

Created a dump (in some current folder) using

svnadmin dump C:\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_simcon > svnsimcon_dump

Create another new svn repo on some LAN folder - lets call this the P drive

svnadmin create P:\some_folder\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_simcon

Loaded the dump file into this new repository

svnadmin load P:\some_folder\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_simcon < svnsimcon_dump
(May take a while and sometimes seem like it has hung)

Using tortoisesvn checkout from repository to local folder for working copy

Steps for some_db project

Existing repo (created via tortoisesvn) at C:\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_some_db
svnadmin dump C:\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_some_db > svnsome_db_dump
svnadmin create P:\some_folder\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_some_db
svnadmin load P:\some_folder\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_some_db < svnsome_db_dump

Folder locations

local repo main folder
sub: C:\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_simcon
sub: C:\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_some_db
Old working folder

P drive repo main folder
sub: P:\some_folder\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_simcon
Sub: P:\some_folder\svn_repository\coch_projects\svn_some_db
Working folder


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