Using SVN for web pages

This is an extension of using_subversion_to_version_control_etc

The same steps can be applied to version control /var/www or wherever your root web folder might be located. However there are some considerations to keep in mind.

This works great for websites that are static in terms of the application, except of course for application upgrades. However, if you use it for those websites such as Dokuwiki that save data in flat files inside the web folders, be sure to ignore version control on some of the items such as cache and indexes. There get changed or deleted and can always be rebuilt. And then, even if you do that, it might still not be good enough. Again taking wiki as an example, you might completely delete a page in your wiki. When that happens SVN will not realize that this is a committed delete since it was not done via SVN. Any subsequent “svn update” will bring this deleted page back! So, if you do have to delete a page, you will have to follow through with an “svn delete”.

Other than that you are good to go!

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