adodb on home unbuntu server


When installing some app (I believe it was mantis) got the following warning:

libphp-adodb is no longer installed in /usr/share/adodb. New installation path is now /usr/share/php/adodb.

Please update your php.ini file. Maybe you must also change your web-server configuraton.

One suggestion on a forum was to do this:

Open /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

Find the the line that starts with include_path. Edit it to include the new path that's on the blue screen (/usr/share/php/adobe).

If the line is commented ( ; ), uncomment it.

Then restart apache.

I found that on my install a full search for adodb (root@ub1:/etc# grep -R adodb *) yieled nothing. So I have not done this yet. But may have to do this later.

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