Do the following to make php sessions and file write work in Sourceforge hosting

sftp first

sftp someuser,

- someuser is the username and
- onlinepasswords is the project name

when you log in you will be at this directory /home/groups/o/on/onlinepasswords
in the persistent directory within this directory is where you can write files
This folder is used to write file based php sessions and other flat files

PHP sessions

Create a directory sessions under persistent
Make sure you give 777 to this directory

Create a .htaccess file on the demo directory and add the below directive
php_value session.save_path 0;600;/home/groups/o/on/onlinepasswords/persistent/sessions

You php file based sessions will get saved here

Write files

Follow the same procedure as above for the most part

Create a directory “files” for example under persistent

chmod 777 files

Use the full path

/home/groups/o/on/onlinepasswords/persistent/files/somefile.txt and you will be all set

Now although you can use the below path it is not recommended:

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