Setting up a new Linux box

This page goes through the various settings that take place to setup a new Ubuntu box. In this case I was setting Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin.

Install Configuration / Steps

  • Hardware details
    • AMD 3 core CPU
    • 2 x 500 GB Hard disk
    • 1 DVD R/W
    • 16 GB RAM
  • Software install configuration
    • RAID 1 array with the two disks
    • Allocated 20 GB for SWAP and 480 GB for /
    • Include LAMP, Samba, Mail (Postfix) as default services to be installed
    • Configure server as “Internet Site”

System Configuration

  • Update system by running “aptitude”
    • Completed Security Upgrades
    • Complete Package Upgrades
    • Reboot
  • Network configuration
    • Update settings on router to designate IP address for server MAC address (ensure same IP allocation)
      • Optionally do this for other devices on the network too
    • Update Port forwarding on router to server for HTTP, HTTPS, SSH and SMTP
    • Update info with DNS registry (such as godaddy) with WAN IP for A & MX records
  • Install svn (using aptitude)
  • Update /etc/skel with this set
  • Creating new users
    • Update /etc/default/useradd as required. E.g. change SHELL to SHELL=/bin/bash
    • Create additional users as required
    • Remember to delete the .svn directory inside the users home directory (of the new user). Because we have /etc on subversion, this would have inadvertently bought in the .svn directory into the home folder. We do not want that incorrect svn directory sitting there!
  • Install the most common packages that will the required

DNS Server Configuration

Currently ubv48 is setup as DNS server using dnsmasq.
Update /etc/resolv.conf file as below:

options timeout:1
options attempts:1

Update /etc/network/interfaces file as below:

iface enp0s3 inet static

More items

  • Kernel
    • To avoid kernel update do this
      • Debian:
        aptitude hold linux-image-amd64
      • Ubuntu:
        aptitude hold linux-image-generic
    • Reason: VirtualBox GA will need to be reinstalled every time kernel is updated
  • Mail
    • Setup postfix
    • Setup alias such that local mail gets forwarded (/etc/aliases)
  • SSH
    • Generate SSH private and public keys
  • Tuning
    • Change swapiness and other parameters based on server needs - sysctl.conf
  • Others
    • Optionally ask server to reboot automatically on kernel panic
    • Disable module i2c_piix4 on Virtual Machines
    • Install NRPE to be monitored
      • nagios-nrpe-server nagios-plugins
    • Install x11-utils x11-xserver-utils
  • Packages to install
    • If Physical Machine
      • cpp dkms gcc make heirloom-mailx mysql-common nmap postfix smartmontools sysstat unzip telnetd
    • If VM
      • cpp gcc make heirloom-mailx mysql-common nmap postfix sysstat unzip telnetd

Other Items configuration

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